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SK have defeated FaZe 2-1 in St. Petersburg, Russia to advance towards the playoffs at EPICENTER 2017 (7-16 on Inferno, 16-2 on Overpass, 16-8 on Mirage ).

The Group A winners' match kicked off on Inferno in which the T-sided SK won the pistol round despite owning a 3vs5 disadvantage. The Brazilians caused it to be 4-0 after winning the very first weapon round by claiming yet another 3vs5 win.

SK were leading 7-3 to begin with half when Finn karrigan Andersen & Nikola NiKo Kovač took the reins and led FaZe for an 8-7 first half victory. Håvard rain Nygaard's triple kill inside the second half pistol round caused it to be 9-7 and also the European squad won two rounds against ecos to obtain to eleven rounds (11-7 ).

Epitacio TACO de Melo got two opening kills for their CT-sided team to begin with weapon round from the second half but FaZe clutched the 3vs5 with Olof olofmeister Kajbjer and karrigan's kills. FaZe then extended their streak to thirteen rounds and won the map 16-7.

Gabriel  FalleN Toledo's team started Overpass upon the CT-side and won the very first five rounds. Two opening kills by NiKo gave FaZe their first round however they couldn't penetrate SK's defense throughout the remainder of the half and trailed 13-2 at halftime. The destruction continued inside the second half which saw SK close out the overall game by picking up three rounds upon the T-side to close the map 16-2.

On the final map, Mirage, SK won the very first three rounds upon the CT-side. FaZe responded by picking up the very first weapon round (3-1 ). SK appeared as if they had been running away using the half when That They‘d a 7-3 lead but FaZe held on and got four more rounds. SK were ahead by having an 8-7 scoreline at halftime.

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The Brazilian team won the very first four rounds inside the second half but lost the fifth round to FaZe's pistols (12-8 ). SK responded a round later as FalleN clutched a 1vs1 post-plant against olofmeister who had been attempting to defuse the bomb (13-8 ). SK finished off Mirage having a 16-8 score and won the series 2-1, advancing towards the playoffs. 


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