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We rested with Aleksandr " s1mple " Kostyliev after the Ukrainian won yet one more MVP honor, this time around in Natus Vincere's ESL One Cologne win.

s1mple had yet one more fantastic occasion and was constant throughout the occasion, placing up huge numbers versus the similarity fnatic, Cloud9 and Astralis, edging out his teammate Denis " digital " Sharipov in the MVP race.

After winning his very first Intel Grand Knock title with this Natus Vincere team, which was likewise the very first occasion they won that included all the leading groups, we spoke with s1mple regarding the competition and the groups they dealt with in the playoffs.

The last time we spoken you stated your objective was to win the huge competitions with Astralis and FaZe present, which you definitely did do. Exactly how does this really feel, what are your impressions?

This really feels truly fantastic, I'm happy and pleased regarding the job that we did as a group, previously every competition. And indeed, lastly we did this, it is an essential win for us, at a competition where all the groups are. Currently we understand exactly how everybody plays and we understand that we‘ve one week to repair whatever and get ready for ELEAGUE.

Once more, you played the last versus an unforeseen group, likewise to StarSeries. Exists a want that you obtained the win versus FaZe? Would this be much more pleasing?

I would state that if we would win over FaZe I would be much more thrilled after the video game, first of all because if this was FaZe, they would have the possibility to obtain the very first Grand Knock. BIG is a great group, they ready extremely well for this competition and they was worthy of the last. However betting them it‘s a little bit various compared to betting FaZe or Astralis, because in those suits you can be the underdog, they‘re great groups. When you‘re the fave, it is much more frightening to bet a group just like BIG, there‘s much more stress. This was really weird to play the very first 2 maps, I did not have any feelings, I do not understand what occurred with me. Perhaps it is because when you play the last, something constantly occurs. However still, this would be interesting to defeat FaZe, Astralis or one more group with a huge call in the grand last, it‘s much more interesting I assumption.

The just map you shed in the grand last was Dust2, as a group, you do not really feel comfy on that particular map yet?

Yes, I believe that not all gamers understand ways to play on their settings, all of us have time to repair this still. I do not understand, versus BIG there were a lot of dumb errors just like getting in touch with mid when they‘d a force-buy so nex did an ace. Likewise when we shed a pressure, when they headed out catwalk, there‘re a lot of errors that occurred over and over.

On that particular map you went for a great deal of entrances, perhaps dangerous peeks with the AWP on the CT side. Because the group isn't exercised on the map, did you really feel that you needed to do those plays, to obtain the entrances very early, in some cases doing also dangerous plays?

At completion from the CT fifty percent I did 2 dangerous plays because I simply wished to win those rounds, I understood that this was mosting likely to be difficult on the T side for us. However still, I did whatever that Zeus informed me, previously I do something, I constantly ask Zeus if it‘s mosting likely to be okay with the group and if it‘s not mosting likely to stop working the rounded for us.

In the semi-final versus Astralis you did a great deal of pressure purchases, something you type of are well-known for at this minute. Was this a strategy to not permit them to develop an economic climate by opting for a great deal of pressure purchases? And that phone calls them?

kane stated we ought to pressure purchase previously the very first map, Overpass. He constantly states that if you eliminate 3 on your pressure purchase and still shed the rounded, you ought to still pressure. You shouldn't permit your opponent to obtain a much better economic climate, to obtain dual AWP or something just like that. For instance, when we understand that they do not have an AWP on the CT side, I'm attempting to deny the AWP whatsoever because if we‘re to shed a rounded they‘re mosting likely to take my AWP, so there‘s no factor. It‘s truly comfy for me to have fun with various tools. And it is a huge increase for your economic climate also.

You obtained the MVP right here, it is the 5th from this year and 7th in overall, I assumption this is the fave one thinking about the dimension from the competition?

Yes, this is the fave because we place in a great deal of job. We‘d much more self-confidence because we understood that the strats that we do are functioning. We simply exercised a great deal for all competitions with this schedule, when the competition begins we‘re still exercising.

Currently you‘re the lengthiest standing group in the leading 10, you stated that you‘re sensation positive in this schedule, do you really feel that you've been with each other for a lengthy time period also?

We seem like we constantly repair our errors, if we‘ve some issues we constantly attempt to repair them. Everybody functions truly difficult, all the gamers, the trainer... We constantly pay attention to kane, he is among the most intelligent people I've satisfied in this video game, he discusses a great deal of points, things regarding the economic climate and whatever.

As a group, you‘re production all the playoffs, after that you won a few smaller sized competitions, currently you won the huge competition also. Is setup the views on winning the Significant, is that the following point perhaps?

The following 3 competitions are ELEAGUE, DreamHack Masters Stockholm and the Significant, one of the most essential competitions for us are ELEAGUE and the Significant. Obviously we wish to win them. At DreamHack we‘re mosting likely to evaluate some brand-new points, perhaps play much more maps that we typically do not play to obtain much more experience.

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